On the island of Skopelos, in the picturesque town of Loutraki, in the port of Glossa,

within the embrace of the the ancient remains of the city of Selinounta, where the deep blue of the Aegean Sea washes the shores, at an altitude of 130 m. is the brand new Hotel Aegean Wave,

ready to offer luxurious suites and family-friendly apartments with superb architectural design, spacious and comfortable rooms, while you enjoy the homely environment.


offers a variety of traditional dishes
of Skopelos' specialties


we organize your marriage
in Skopelos


book 3 days and
stay one more for free

Each suite has a sitting room and a fully equipped kitchen for your personal use.

All rooms and suites are furnished and decorated with attention to detail, retaining their traditional design. The owners, Antonis and Andromachi, have dedicated their care and love in hope that any visitor will feel at home within the hotel. The luxury and quality of the hotel and services are visibly displayed in every corner of the hotel. Outside, a beautiful garden with small waterfalls is decorated with a touch of imagination.

The Aegean Wave Skopelos Hotel is open from April to October, ready to offer you its services. The breathtaking sunset and the panoramic view of the Aegean, available from every corner of the premises, is an instant appeal to visitors looking for a romantic setting so they can behold the beauty of the small islands scattered in the azure ocean, as well as the entire island of Skiathos and the North side of Euvoia and Pilio.

During the summer months, the hotel’s restaurant serves homemade and traditional dishes and the bar has a gorgeous view of the sea. A glass of wine or other liquor or fresh juice and seasonal fruit, including the famous prunes of Skopelos, is a small welcoming gift from the hotel to its guests. Α candlelight dinner with discount is also offered to Newlyweds at the hotel’s restaurant “Faros” with sunset view. Furthermore, all residents enjoy complimentary transportation to and from the port of Glossa and Loutraki.

On the other side of the island, barely 30 minutes away, you can visit the main town of Skopelos, Chora, while enjoying the magnificent ride through the evergreen pine forest and the fantastic beaches, stopping occasionally for pictures, swimming and meals. Glossa, the gem of Skopelos, a traditional, stone-built village with picturesque lanes and local treats, is just 5 minutes away from our hotel waiting for you to take a stroll through its enchanting streets.

Skopelos island

Skopelos is the greenest island in Greece. Here, you will find yourself in an idyllic place where the green pines and dense forests blend with the light blue sea and sky, creating a picture of incomparable natural beauty; a small paradise in the heart of Greece.

The island of Skopelos is characterized by dense forests and the beautiful light blue color of the sea, which is why it was officially named as the "green and light blue island" from the International Biosocial Organization.


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