Skopelos, Traditional dishes

Skopelos is known for its unique cuisine with seafood and its sweets.
The best known dishes are:

  • Astakos Giouvetsi (Lobster baked with orzo pasta)
  • Rofos Stifado (Dusky Grouper cooked with onions)
  • Gemistoi Achinoi (Stuffed Sea Urchins)
  • Petalides me Ryzi (Barnacles with rice)
  • Bakaliaros me Patates-Damaskina-Domata (Codfish with potatoes, plums and tomatoes)
  • Kavouria me Manestra (Crab with Orzo pasta casserole)
  • Aratistes me Meli (Gruel with honey for breakfast)
  • Chamalia (sweets with almonds and rosewater, topped with sugar)
  • Amygdalota (Marzipans – Almond cookies)
  • Amygdalo Glyko (Almond spoon sweet in heavy syrup)
  • Amygdalozoumo (drink with almonds and sugar)
  • Damaskino Avgato (Plum spoon sweet in heavy syrup)
  • Damaskina arzen (Dry Plums a la arzen)
  • Tiganites Katsares (Curly deep fried crispy blintzes with honey and almonds)