Skopelos Weddings.

In the Aegean Wave Hotel, we can organize your own marriage (Legal Papers, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Cocktail, Wedding Party, Dinner & staying of your guests). Also the Aegean Wave Superior Suite is ideal for your honeymoon!

A publication about a wedding we organised

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a. Legal Papers

For a legal wedding in Greece, you need the below papers:
1. Birth certificate or birth certificate (translated into Greek by the Greek Embassy or Consulate)
2. Marital status certificate (translated into Greek by the Greek Embassy or Consulate)
3. Divorce, for divorced (translated into Greek by the Greek Embassy or Consulate)
4. Death Certificate in case of widowhood (translated into Greek by the Greek Embassy or Consulate)
5. Photocopy of passport

b. Wedding Ceremony

There are many places at Skopelos island, you can organize your wedding. Some of them, we suggest for the ceremony are:
1. Ai Yianni famous church (only if both parties are orthodox, the marriage can be performed here) The hotel staff will help you organize your wedding on the island of Skopelos at the famous church of Ai Yianni from the movie "Mamma mia". This small church is 7 km distance from our hotel.
2. At the open terrace of the hotel under the blue sky with romantic sunset
3. In one of many monasteries/churches of the Skopelos island
4. In one beach or in a private yacht
5. At the Skopelos City Hall

c. Wedding Cocktail

After the Wedding Ceremony (which may take place either within the hotel or elsewhere), we propose a welcoming cocktail. As a welcoming drink, we propose Sparkling wine or Sangria bowl.

d. Wedding Dinner

At the Taverna of the hotel the environment is traditionally greek, while the tables are located under beautiful vineyards which gaze to the sea. We offer a variety of traditional dishes of Skopelos. Maximum Capacity: 200 guests

e. Staying of your guests

You can book in a special rate as rooms and suites, as you need for you and your guests.

Also we offer you in addition the following extras:

Hairdresser, Makeup, Manicure, Pedicure, Mamma Mia Retro Day excursion, Photography/Videography, Traditional wedding crowns, Wedding Candles, Witness pins and Bombonieres.

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If there is anything else we can arrange for you, please let us know.